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Listing Agent Report Card


Surveys estimate that more than 90% of listings expire because they are overpriced, or at least that’s what listing agents want you to believe.  How do you know if other real estate agents have been successful selling listings in your price range without access to the MLS?  Unlike most real estate companies, The Real Estate Cafe offers consulting services “a la carte.”  We do NOT list homes for sale,  so we can (1) help you sell your home “For Sale by Owner,” (2) identify the best listing agent to sell your home based on recent and historical performance in the MLS, and (3) rebate up to one third of our referral fee to you (based on certain terms and conditions, and payment plan you select for our services.  More data available upon request.)

Here’s what our Listing Agent Report Cards includes:

Part 1: Recent performance

Evaluate actual performance of potential listing agents rather than self-promotional marketing materials. The report card focuses on a specific product / price range comparable to your own property. Our goal is to help you identify which listing agents are selling properties for the highest price in the least amount of time, despite the downturn in the housing market.  Here are the kind of questions our analysis addresses and the benefits to you!

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Part 2: Potential conflicts of interest

Identify history of in-house sales and potential conflicts of interest. Provide “zero tolerance”

conflict of interest contingency clause for listing contracts.

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Reduced time to sell at the maximum price, without price reductions or conflict of interest — sounds like the kind of agent you’d like to work with doesn’t it?  The Listing Agent Report Card is just one of the services The Real Estate Cafe offers sellers “a la carte.” Whether you decide to (1) rent your home unit housing prices recover, (2) sell for “Sale by Owner”, (3) renew your contract with your existing agent, or (4) select a new listing agent — traditional full-service, full-fee or discount MLS listing service — our goal is to help you make informed decisions that save money.  Towards that end, we offer the following “Optional Upgrades” to our Listing Agent Report Card:

Part 3: Help interview listing agents

Part 4: Help negotiate business terms of listing contract

Upon request, we will try to negotiate a reduced commission or rebate from your listing agent

Part 5: Monitor agent performance

Across Massachusetts, more than 10,000 MLS listings expired or were canceled during the last ten weeks of 2009.  We’ve set-up an experimental social networking site so you can talk with other homeowners in one of the virtual discussion groups or attend one of our “FSBO’s on Steroids” seminars, online or off.

If you’re looking for another listing agent, rather than attempting a for sale by owner,” be sure to call 617-661-4046 or email us to talk about our Listing Agent Report Card BEFORE you speak with any listing agents.  That leaves open the possibility of rebating part of our referral fee to you (details available upon request).

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